Are You New To Floating?

woman-float2We know that many of our new clients have never floated before, or may have many questions. We’ve done our best to provide this site with helpful information to help explain the experience. Read all about What Is Floating? and About Delta Floats. What we also know is that there is NOTHING like trying a float for yourself to really appreciate what it’s all about. We’re so convinced you’ll love all the many benefits once you try it, we want to make it easy and affordable:

Some helpful information for first time floaters:

Please come 15 minutes early for your first session to fill out paperwork and go through an orientation to give you a detailed explanation of how to use the floatation tank.

What you will need to bring:

  • Any hair products you will need after showering
  • flat irons or curling irons for your hair
  • makeup and deodorant if you wish to re-apply
  • your own hair brush or comb

What we supply:

  • Shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, and towels
  • Basic disposable earplugs; those with swimmer’s ear, please bring your own
  • For after your float we have q-tips and hair dryer
  • The location, service (the tea was great), and experience was phenomenal. I loved the aura so much that I decided to base the topic of speech in school on the experience at Delta Floats. Definitely going back!–Gerardo Aguilera

  • It was amazing.. Calming and relaxing.. I fell asleep and my body came out brand new. It also assists in helping remove toxicity out of the body… Thank you so having one in Michigan!–Julianna Szabo, Greenville South Carolina

  • Best relaxation ever then a feeling of rejuvenation. Lowers blood sugar tremendously…hope to be able to tune into this state more frequently as a type 1 diabetic.–Kathie Vaught


Hair dye (temporary dye, and bright colors like blue, orange, red) is not allowed in our floatation tanks. The bright colors will be pulled out of your hair by the epsom salts and will contaminate the solution in our tanks. Should that happen it will cost us $1500 or more to correct. We appreciate your understanding for the benefit of all our customers and the livelihood of Delta Floats!

If you wear contacts and wish to remove them, you will need containers and solution to do so. Most people do not report a problem in wearing their contacts while floating.

We recommend that you do not shave the day of your float, as entry into the epsom salts may sting a little, though the sensation subsides in a minute or two. We provide vaseline for any cuts or scrapes you maybe have. This can be applied before floating and will last through your float session.

Do not float if you have an illness, epilepsy, active or a contagious skin condition, or any large open wounds.

Avoid alcohol and stimulants like coffee, tea and cigarettes before floating. If you are under the influence of alcohol or any illegal drugs we will be unable to allow you float.