This Autism School Is Adding Float Therapy To Its Curriculum

The Gersh Academy at Cougar Mountain opened in Issaquah, WA, in the fall of 2018, and they’re taking special education to a whole new level.

The Cougar Mountain Zoo will be located right on campus to allow students with ASD to interact with animals to promote relaxation and stress-relief. And the academy is also integrating an unusual type of therapy into the curriculum: float therapy… READ MORE >>

Fox 47 interviews Derek and Wendy Johnson
about Delta Floats on Morning Blend — SEVEN TIMES!

On November 25th, 2016, Wendy Johnson was interviewed by Bob Hoffman and Mary Turner once again on Fox 47’s Morning Blend. Both Bob and Mary recently floated at Delta Floats, and were literally glowing from the experience. Mary commented: “You really took care of us, Derek. It felt like a spa experience, on top of floating, so that was really nice.”

Derek explained more about the experience of floating: “Floating is basically the ultimate experience to relax. You go into a large enclosed bathtub with eight inches of water with 800 pounds of epson salts, and you just let your stress melt away.”

Mary, who was floating for the first time was concerned about it being claustrophobic. She said “There was zero issues with that once I got in.” Wendy added: “There never is, it’s a lot bigger than it seems from the outside. And not only that you have complete control of the door.”

Mary added: “It was really nice to just shut down from the world for an hour!  No phone, no lights, no motorcars.”

Derek remarked to Bob: “It’s not that you just got out of a relaxing situation, but you could see that the stress and anxiety just melted off. You had a real glow to your skin.