Floating reduces the external stimuli to the central nervous system by up to 90%. The environment of the floatation tanks reduces the following stimuli on the body.


lightbox-float-tank-room-800pxWith about 850 pounds of epsom salts in less than 12 inches of water you experience a buoyancy that almost eliminates the effects of gravity. Allowing for your muscles to relax even more than when laying on the surface of a mattress.


The floatation tank is light proof when the door is closed and gives the mind a break from the stimuli that comes through the eyes.


The floatation tanks and rooms are designed to reduce sound. The sound is near zero by the time your ears are below the water, you can use earplugs to further eliminate sound..


The water and air in the floatation tanks are kept at a constant average skin temperature. This prevents distraction of ‘feeling’ hot or cold.


Our floatation tanks do not have vinyl liners, they are made of high grade fiberglass, and do not release odors into the tanks.

  • I loved the service! It’s is so relaxing and refreshing. From the moment you walk in the door until you leave, you feel cared for.–Ellen Zienert

  • It is one of the best things I can do for myself!–Debbie Collins

  • I was skeptical, but I wish I could do this once or twice a month!!–Nichole Olson

  • Not only would I recommend Delta Floats, I actually already have to several people.–Laura Geist